A Few Things I Do About My Triggers

I don’t tell most people about my triggers, only those in my inner circle.

I know my triggers are my responsibility, not other people’s responsibility, because my triggers are in me.

I remember some changes in my body when I was triggered.
For example:
I forget to breathe.
My body becomes tense.
My mind becomes cloudy.
My heart beats faster than usual.
I start to blame those who triggered me.
I have an inner heat that expands outward.

When I am triggered, changes in my body usually tell me that I am triggered. I will immediately take a few deep breaths, and put my right thumb in the center of my palm and clench my fist tightly.

This physical feeling often lifts me out of my mental state and reminds me to be present. When I am present, I know not to make any life-changing decisions while triggered. I can usually avoid saying harmful things.

If the situation is not good, I will inform the other person, and then walk away to hold space for myself.

When I have time, I will sit down to understand my trigger; it’s creation, its cause and effect, how to avoid being triggered, etc.

For people and situations that may trigger me, I use them to practice to delay my triggered reaction.