Some Suggestions For Being At Home With Your Toxic Loved Ones

Don’t try to “fix” them.

Don’t try to change them.

Enforce your boundaries.

Relax your body and just be.

Minimize your interaction with them.

Practice feeling your feelings and emotions, then let them go.

Do self-love affirmation in front of the mirror multiple times every day.

Do more meditation, because this usually releases negative external energy from your body and resets your system.

Lie down. Relax your body. Take some deep breaths. Replay scenes from your negative interaction with them. Feel your sadness, anger, hatred, regret, shame, guilt, etc. Stop. Relax your body. Let go. Whenever you can, do it again. Gradually feel all of the emotions from this negative interaction to release their trapped energy. The more you do this, the easier it gets.

Do pranic breathing – breathe with your diaphragm through your nose. Touch your palate with your tongue, as this connects the front and back energy channels of your body. Inhale and count to 7. Pause and count to 1. Exhale and count to 7. Pause and count to 1. Repeat. This is pranic breathing 7-1-7-1.

Pranic breathing gives you life energy. It reduces stress. It helps you relax. It lowers your heart rate. It lowers your blood pressure. It improves your core muscle stability. It slowly settles your mind. If you can, try 6-3-6-3. This is more difficult, but it will give you more life energy.

Lie down. Relax your body. Take some deep breaths. Gently feel parts of your body. For example, your feet, legs, waist, chest, shoulders, neck, and head. This will help you re-establish the connection with your body.

Get some black tourmaline and selenite crystals. Carry the black tourmaline crystal in your left pants pocket. Carry the selenite crystal in your right pants pocket. Since external energy usually enters your body from the left and then leaves from the right, the black tourmaline crystal will cleanse external energy entering your body, and the selenite crystal will cleanse your body as external energy leaves your body.

Place many black tourmaline and selenite crystals in your bedroom. That will purify the energy in your bedroom. Your bedroom will be a safe place where you can relax, feel your body, meditate, etc.

Lie down. Relax your body. Take some deep breaths. Hold the black tourmaline crystal in your left hand. Place the selenite crystal on your forehead. You will be able to think more clearly. This will also reduce your headache and cleanse your body. Do it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do this multiple times a day. If you do pranic breathing at the same time, the effect will be even better.

Take a long shower. Wash your body slowly. When washing each part of your body, be present, and feel your body. Imagine the water washes away all the negative energy of your toxic loved ones. When finished, slowly dry yourself, be present, and feel your body.

When they do their toxic behavior, leave. If it is difficult to leave, tell them you need to go to the restroom and then leave. Take your time in the restroom to gather yourself. Do a few rounds of pranic breathing. Wash your face if you can.

Practice not to own their attachments, assumptions, blame, comfort zone, disappointment, energy, fear, guilt, insecurity, inner turmoil, negative feelings and emotions, pain, problems, projections, shame, trauma, trigger reactions, vibe, and wound perception.

Use these two psychic shields together to be invulnerable to psychic attacks:

Use this easiest psychic shield:

Practice not to follow your triggered reaction:

Work on your limiting beliefs:

Pay less attention to your mind and more attention to your body’s breathing or sensations: