Some Of My Limited Experiences With Spontaneous Awareness

After years of inner and shadow work, healing, absorbing life energy, my chakras were activated, my heart chakra moved slightly upwards, and then spontaneous consciousness began to emerge.

You can absorb life energy by:

  1. Yoga.
  2. Tai Chi.
  3. Prayer.
  4. Crystal.
  5. Just be.
  6. Mantra.
  7. Letting go.
  8. Meditation.
  9. Being present.
  10. Strong boundaries.
  11. Proper diet, exercise, and rest.
  12. Doing your best in everything.
  13. Reduce immersion in negative emotions.
  14. Other…

I don’t read many books and don’t have much theory. Here are some of my experiences when spontaneous awareness occurs:

You are not in your mind.

You lose your “I”.

You are one with Mother Nature. Both animals and trees know.

Your energy flow is better.

What you “see” is Real (or Living Dharma).

You “see” through the surface and “see” attributes.

It may take some time, but these attributes naturally form internal systems.

Through these internal systems, you suddenly learn a part of how you and others function internally.

Sometimes you will see body language, cycles, desires, ego-minds, emotions, feelings, hearts, intentions, methods, micro-expressions, tendencies, signs from the universe, subconscious programs, toxicities, transitions, traps, vibes, etc.

Sometimes you see a ghost living in someone’s body. This will scare you. It may take a long time for you to make adjustments. The ghost knows you know.

This may activate one of your blood gifts. For example, the ability to see future waves. It will take longer for you to make adjustments.

Sometimes you suddenly know things that you couldn’t possibly know. These may be things about yourself and others. These things can serve as instructions to tell you to do something, buy something, and go somewhere.

Sometimes you notice that some material things calling out to you.

Sometimes you suddenly know exactly what to say to someone.

Sometimes you suddenly know what to do next.

Sometimes you see that your karma is coming for you. You can decide to avoid or endure, but some karma cannot be avoided.

Sometimes you suddenly know that someone is your negative karmic relationship.

Since when spontaneous awareness occurs, you are not in your mind, your Heart decides. For example, I practice many paths at the same time. One of the paths that I practice is to reduce harm to myself and others. When spontaneous awareness occurs, I may see five options, and I naturally choose the one that is the least harmful. This happens instantly. What you practice repeatedly matters.