Life Hacks

1) Toxic blood is not thicker than water.

2) Be unmoved by compliments or criticism.

3) Your mental story about them is not them.

4) You project outward what you reject inward.

5) Their happiness is not your responsibility.

6) Stop waiting for a comfortable way to grow.

7) You are under no obligation to interact with anyone.

8) The real failure is the failure to learn from failure.

9) How you feel about the situation is not the situation.

10) Your forgiveness is for you. Their apology is for them.

11) The validation you seek is usually the self-love you need.

12) Focus on improving yourself rather than their image of you.

13) You are not how they treat you. They are how they treat you.

14) Beware of those who support your trauma but not your healing.

15) They can belittle you. Only you can make yourself feel small.

16) Stop dancing between who you used to be and who you want to be.

17) Your body is the first to know. Your mind is the last to accept.

18) When hating someone, try to remember their kindness towards you.

19) Rock bottom reveals who they are. Mountain top reveals who you are.

20) You don’t disappoint them. Their expectations of you disappoint them.

21) Understanding does not always mean acceptance, agreement, or forgiveness.

22) You are responsible for how you feel. They are responsible for what they do.

23) Don’t try to calm your inner storm. Try to stay calm during your inner storm.

24) Let them talk shit about the old you while you heal and evolve into the new you.

25) What they think of you is between them and their thoughts, not between you and them.

26) Don’t make any major decisions until you feel and process your emotions and release them.

27) You are not insecure. You feel insecure. Feelings come and go. You are not your feelings.

28) It’s not about mastering your mind. It’s about mastering the relationship with your mind.

29) Saying no to someone you love doesn’t mean you love them less, but you love yourself more.

30) After helping others, forget and move on. After someone helps you, be grateful and remember.

31) Before you say or do something, think about the position you will be in and how you might feel.

32) Ego seeks attention. Soul seeks connection. Focus on your soul mission, not your ego expansion.

33) You can’t heal back to the version of you before you got hurt. Heal who you are now, not who you used to be.

34) If they don’t respect your boundaries, they don’t respect you. If they don’t respect you, they don’t really love you.

35) When they want you, they will be present with their desires. When they love you, they will be present with your needs.

36) You are not responsible for their assumptions, judgments, projections, and the version of you they created in their minds.

37) Detachment is when it appears, you choose not to interact with it. Letting go is when it appears, you choose not to go with it.

38) Walking on eggshells usually means to walk away. Fight-or-flight response usually means to keep your distance. Sudden fatigue usually means you are being drained.

39) Accepting an apology does not always mean forgiveness. Forgiveness does not always mean reconnection. Reconnection does not always mean going back to the way things were.

40) Be kind. Do no harm. Take no shit. Own your shit. Be assertive, not aggressive. When they cross your boundaries, they are being aggressive. When you enforce your boundaries, you are being assertive.