Those Who Will Stay In Your Life Tend To Have Compatible Life Energy With You

If you can feel life energy, you will know who has compatible life energy with you. If you don’t, here is a method that may help you determine.

Ask them to sit on a chair and take off their shoes and socks. Take off your shoes and socks. Stand on their feet and hold both of their hands.

Close your eyes. Stand still. Try not to think. Let your body tell you. If their life energy is compatible with yours, your body will feel natural. Your chest won’t feel stuffy. Your mind will be clear. Your heart will be open. You will feel like this is meant to be.

Some people are only meant to be in your life for a short time. For these people, their life energy usually changes from compatible to incompatible.

There will be those who are only compatible with your wounded self. As you heal and grow, they will become less and less compatible with you.

The interesting thing is that no matter how much you heal and grow, the life energy of your soulmate and heart-to-heart is always compatible with you.

Start seeing everything from the energy perspective. This will open your mind and deepen your life experience. For example, everyone is just you on another timeline with a different energy composition.

Absorb Life Energy

Absorb life energy through yoga, Tai Chi, crystal, just be, mantra, letting go, meditation, being present, prayer, proper diet, exercise and rest, reduce immersion in negative emotions, etc.

Consistency is key. Do it daily and when you can. As you continue to absorb life energy, this will start activating your chakras. You will also age slower. The renewal of life energy will begin to repair you from the cellular level.

Your heart chakras will rise slightly. As more spontaneous awareness occurs, you will begin to “see” things and feel energy vibrations. Some things written in spiritual books will become your inner reality.

Stay very low-key and quietly continue to absorb life energy. You will be closer to the universe than before. The universe will send some people to help you and you will realize who they are.

As you become more aware, your power will increase. This will alert the dark and light side. They may send some people to try to recruit you. Your spontaneous awareness will tell you who they are. The universe will also send you signs about them.

You will need to pass some tests. Keep your ego in check, stay away from shortcuts, let your heart be the driver, enforce your boundaries, be compassionate and understanding, help yourself and others, your inner light will be brighter, and your life will never be the same again.