Think About How You Can Use Negative And Toxic Situations to Help You Improve

Many years ago, I was trapped in a toxic work environment. I was too scared to leave because of living expenses and mortgages, so I suppressed myself. I was suffering terribly. Whenever I got to work, I felt like vomiting.

I woke up one day and suddenly I knew what I had to do. I made an inner decision – I will not suffer in vain. I will get something out of my suffering. Something just for me, because I deserve it.

I decided that I would use this toxic work environment to practice not being affected by it. I didn’t know how to achieve this goal, but I instinctively started to go inside myself. I watched as my inner storm was formed by my coworkers’ toxic behaviors.

The more I practiced not to be affected, the more I understand myself. In addition, I suddenly learned about their toxic methods. I saw what I could do to reduce their harm to me. I also learned to say no and enforce my boundaries with them.

I still work in the same toxic environment. Most of them stopped using toxic methods against me, but they continued to do so with each other.

The key is to make an inner decision and think about how you can use negative and toxic situations to help you improve. The answer must come from within. Be committed. Keep learning from your loss in order to gain. You will be unstoppable when you can use negativity and toxicity to improve yourself.