Some Things About Your Inner And Outer Circles

You see many people, but not many people really see you, they see their image of you.

You know many people, but not many people really know you, they know their image of you.

These people are usually your outer circle. The people who really see and know you are usually your inner circle.

For your inner circle, explain yourself to them, because they are also your support system. Support your support system. Tell them your plans and let them know about your situations.

For your outer circle, don’t explain yourself to them or tell them your plans and situations, because not everyone deserves your transparency. If necessary, explain your actions to them, and tell them what you did, so you will always be truthful.

Your inner and outer circles will need different boundaries because your responsibilities for the inner and outer circles are different. So know who you interact with and where they stand with you to apply the right boundaries.

When someone moves from your outer circle to your inner circle and vice versa, your interactions and boundaries with them change. In this case, see and treat them from their current position, not their previous position.

Due to your limited resources, reserve most of your precious attention, time and energy for yourself and your inner circle. If you choose to do so, use the remaining resources for the outer circle.

For your toxic loved ones and friends, even if they really see and know you, exclude them from your inner circle. Otherwise, you are going to be in a world of hurt.

You can have different types of inner and outer circles. For example, your spiritual inner and outer circle, financial inner and outer circle, etc. These types can overlap with each other. Be conscious of your external reality, gain internal clarity, and handle it appropriately.