Some of My High Vibration Experience

As you vibrate higher, your body will push out the lower vibration. This can be confusing and painful. Higher vibration means new energy. New energy means new awareness. New awareness means new sensitivity, which usually means new adjustments, boundaries, learning, and self-love.

During this energy transfusion, sometimes your body gets tired. Rest your body and drink lots of water. Sometimes your body is on fire. You feel so good, so vibrant, and so alive. Waves of new energy are pouring into you. You flow and connect with the universe. Be in your heart.

Many people fail at this stage because their ego takes over, and they think this will last forever. After it fades, they often pretend they are in high vibration. At this stage, the key is to BE MORE YOU. Keep letting go of everything that is NOT YOU. Keep purifying your energy.

Respect your new energy. Let go of your old energy. Continue this process. Your new energy will come together. You will feel good, solid, and whole inside. You will feel very unbothered by the external. It will be easy to separate your thoughts, emotions, and desires from others.

As your energy becomes stronger, your aura will become stronger. Some people will notice and come to you. Be careful. Not everyone has your best interests in mind. Be in your body. Trust your new awareness, intuition, inner guide, and the universe – they will tell you what to do.

With your new sensitivity, you will see others’ low-vibration moves. You will be compassionate because you were them. You will feel the energy behind their tweets. You will know if they are authentic. You will feel the energy flow in your timeline. You will suddenly know things.

As the high vibration stabilizes, you will feel good and flow naturally. This flow is your connection to the universe. When flowing, you are in 5D and out of the Matrix. You can sense 3D and 4D movement. The key in this flow state is to be in your heart and use your awareness.

You will feel good, but sometimes you will feel lonely more than ever. It’s hard to find others like you. An angel in human form told me to love myself when I feel lonely. Another angel in human form told me to dissolve the inner view of “us and them.” These are game-changers.

Sometimes when flowing, your energy field will expand. If others DM you and you wish them well, sometimes your energy will pour into them and help them. The key is to wish them well from your pure heart. Without a pure heart, one cannot have pure energy. Your heart is the driver.