A True Story

I tried to write this story about five times, but every time I started to write it, my body said “No” to me, so I took that as a sign not to write it. This time, for some unknown reason, my body is okay with it. I know in my heart that this happened, but my mind doesn’t want to believe it.

Many years ago, the Enlightened One suddenly told me not to spend the night at any of my father’s relatives’ houses. I did not ask him why. I just believed him and said “Okay”. However, I did wonder because some relatives of my father have some strange deaths and misfortunes.

Two years later, a relative of my father asked me if I wanted to attend their family gathering. This was way before I accidentally became fearless, I was very afraid of the Enlightened One, so I quickly said “Yes”.

I told the Enlightened One that I am going to attend a family gathering with my father’s relatives. He nodded and said nothing. I quickly got out of there and jumped into my cousin’s car. When we got there, I knew immediately that I didn’t vibe with anyone.

I was friendly and diplomatic, and I mingled with them. Time passed quickly, and we had dinner together. The ugly truth was that I didn’t like spending time with them, but I was using them to get away from the Enlightened One.

It was late when the gathering ended. My cousin asked if I could stay at her house. I said “Yes, but I need to let the Enlightened One know.” I called him and told him. He said “Okay”. I forgot his warning not to spend the night at any of my father’s relatives’ houses.

When I was brushing my teeth in her house, I saw my hands and they looked gray. I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was also gray. I took off my shirt and looked at my chest. It was gray. My whole body was like a corpse. I didn’t know what happened, so I went to bed.

The next morning, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was even more grayish than before. I felt like a character in a black and white movie, but everyone else is in a color movie. My cousin dropped me off back at the Enlightened One’s place. I thanked her and went in.

The dog started barking at me. I greeted the Enlightened One and other students and sat down. He suddenly asked all the students to leave and take the dog. They left with the dog. Only me and him in the room.

He: What happened to you?
I: I don’t know, but my whole body is gray like a corpse.

He: You forgot about not spending the night at any of your father’s relatives’ houses.
I: Oh, I forgot. I am sorry.

He told me that ‘they’ had come and violated my body. My ancestors from my father’s side did some things that made other families hate them. The family on my father’s side is cursed. My ancestors in the ghost realm are fighting with other families.

He said “You can be religious and spiritual, but it won’t resolve this kind of generational curse.” He said “You can escape to other places on Earth, but ‘they’ will find you eventually.” I felt the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

He said “The only way is to help others from the bottom of your heart. Accumulate merits and virtues to resolve this kind of generational curse.”

That was when he did a little miracle for me.

He told me to close my hands. I closed my gray hands. He asked me “Are you willing to help others from the bottom of your heart?”

I almost cried and said “Yes”. He asked me again and I said “Yes”. He said “Open your hands.” I opened them and looked – the grey was gone. He said “Only about 75% of the gray disappeared from your body. You can do inner practices to remove the rest.”

I started to do inner practices like no tomorrow. Soon, the rest of the gray disappeared. After returning to the United States, I told my family and friends, but they didn’t believe me.

It’s good to do inner work, shadow work, breathwork, self-love, self-care, forgiveness, letting go, release, feel and heal, raise your emotional intelligence, raise your spiritual intelligence, raise your vibration, etc.

However, sometimes you cannot break a generational curse. You must help others from the bottom of your heart. The universe helps those who help themselves and others. Continue to accumulate merits and virtues to break this kind of generational curse.