The Lady Of Fate

Many years ago, I was tired of suffering. I wanted to die, but I couldn’t kill myself. On a sunny afternoon, I left my work without telling anyone. I decided to let my body die naturally.

As I was driving, I stopped at a red light. Suddenly, I lost my sense of time and space. I was surrounded by light and saw her. Somehow I knew she was Fate. She told me why I had to suffer all these years. I also saw a glimpse of how fate works.

Free will and fate exist at the same moment. When you live in your mind and repeat your familiar patterns, it is difficult to make different choices. So you tend to make similar choices over and over, and your future can be predicted by real fortune tellers.

When you live in awareness, you “see” more options that your mind doesn’t see. You can also “see” the harm in your toxic patterns. If you make choices based on your awareness, you have free will.

There are traps specifically designed for you. They resonate with your toxic patterns, and choosing them makes you feel good. When you become aware of them and avoid them, everything resets and you are still limited by this design.

Increase your awareness as much as possible. You will start to “see” that life is not what you think, and reality will begin to show itself to you. What you do is important because everything is connected.

This happened in an instant and I was back in my car. The radio was still playing the same song. I was stopped at the same red light. Joy sprang naturally from within, and I began to cry. Whenever I was at the end of my rope, the universe always threw me a lifeline.