Some Things About Your Feelings

Your feelings are valid. You have the right to feel your feelings, no matter what they are.

You are not your feelings. If you can observe your feelings, you are not your feelings, because whatever you can observe is not you.

Your feelings come and go. Your feelings don’t last forever. No matter how you feel, just know this too shall pass.

Your feelings are not good or bad. Your feelings are not right or wrong. They simply just are. Try not to associate them as good or bad or right or wrong.

Don’t welcome some feelings and unwelcome other feelings. This unconscious reaction to welcome and unwelcome feelings increases your attachment to them.

Your feelings are your responsibility. Your feelings are a matter of your inner world. Own your feelings because you are the ruler of your inner world, not others.

Your feelings for others are between you and yourself, not between you and them. You are the only person who feels these feelings from your inner world.

Consciously recognize your feelings as you feel them. This conscious recognition helps to free you from immersion, so you can let go.

Learn to visualize yourself as if your negative feelings have passed. This visualization helps remind you that you are not going to feel this way forever.

Feel your feelings fully and let go. See your feelings as an inner sensation (inner wind). The wind touches you, but it never stays for long.

Use your feelings as the focus of your internal examination. Go inside to observe, examine and understand why you feel some type of way.

Use your feelings as the focus of your external examination. When you feel that someone or something is not right, examine the external reality more closely.

Your feelings and facts are two different things. It’s a fact that you have some feelings, but these feelings may or may not be based on facts.

Don’t change how you feel. Feel how you change. Your feelings are there for a reason. You are supposed to feel these feelings. Suppressed and unfelt feelings often accumulate, disrupt the stability of the emotional body, cause blockages in the energy body, and hurt the physical body.

The more you own your feelings, the less you are owned by your feelings. Many manipulators work by making you feel a certain way and take advantage of you while you are immersed in your feelings. If you are good at feeling your feelings and letting go, they have a hard time manipulating you.