Some Things About Being Yourself

You are already yourself. You don’t try to be yourself. You stop trying to be someone else. You stop trying to be the mental image of yourself.

Being yourself is feeling yourself. Consciously recognize all your feelings, feel them fully, and let go.

Being yourself is being present. When you are present, you are not self-conscious and the idea of “you” naturally disappears.

Be honest with your situation. Consciously recognize and acknowledge your situation. You don’t need to notify everyone because your self-honesty is only between you and yourself.

Enforce your boundaries to prevent others’ thoughts, feelings, and energy from becoming you. This separation reminds you to manage your own thoughts, feelings, and energy, rather than taking theirs as your responsibility.

Take full responsibility for your decision. If you blame others for your decision, you give away your power and responsibility to them. It’s okay to make “wrong” decisions and learn from them.

Cherish your uniqueness. Know you are a unique and beautiful expression of the universe. Your inner seed unfolds and grows in its own unique way. The real power comes from being real with your unique and beautiful expression and growth.

For those in your heart, love them through your self-love. You cannot love others more than you love yourself. You can only think that you love them more than you love yourself, and the part that exceeds your self-love is actually your attachment instead of love.