Some Suggestions For Being At Home With Your Toxic Loved Ones

Don’t try to “fix” them. Don’t try to change them. Enforce your boundaries. Relax your body and just be. Minimize your interaction with them. Practice feeling your feelings and emotions, then let them go. Do self-love affirmation in front of the mirror multiple times every day. Do more meditation, because this usually releases negative external […]

A Tiny Snippet Of My Past

I suddenly knew I had to write this. I don’t understand why. I don’t know how this can help anyone, but I fully trust this inner knowing. Many years ago, some students and I were with the Enlightened One. He suddenly looked at me and said, “One day, you will share what you have learned […]

A Few Things I Do About My Triggers

I don’t tell most people about my triggers, only those in my inner circle. I know my triggers are my responsibility, not other people’s responsibility, because my triggers are in me. I remember some changes in my body when I was triggered.For example:I forget to breathe.My body becomes tense.My mind becomes cloudy.My heart beats faster […]

The Easiest Psychic Shield

In case you didn’t see my mini email newsletter: I didn’t come up with this technique. This is from the book “Practical Psychic Self-Defense For Home And Office” by Master Choa Kok Sui. You can find this book on Amazon. Cross your arms and legs. When your arms and legs are crossed, your aura will […]

My Personal Journey Cycle

In late 2018, Mother Earth sent out energy waves to all living beings on Earth. It felt like this was a plan to raise our vibration and change human’s destructive course. There were weeks where I was drunk with life energy and flowed from moment to moment. I had some strange spiritual experiences. In early […]

What Is Facing Yourself?

Many years ago, when I was with the Enlightened One, he asked me, “What is facing yourself?” I gave him an answer from my mind. He shook his head. I thought for a few minutes and then told him another answer. He shook his head again. This lasted for three days. In the end, I […]

Ten Moments

The first moment: I am in a foreign place. I see them. Suddenly, spontaneous awareness happens, and I “see” some of their attributes. The second-moment: I judge them. I don’t like what I see. I don’t like them. Observation at the third-moment: They are not their attributes. It is not that I don’t like them. […]