It’s Okay

1) It’s okay to be real and lose fake people.

2) It’s okay to find yourself and lose others.

3) It’s okay to love someone and let them go.

4) It’s okay to find God and lose your religion.

5) It’s okay to let go of those who let go of you.

6) It’s okay to accept yourself and reject others.

7) It’s okay to try and fail instead of failing to try.

8) It’s okay to say no without explaining yourself.

9) It’s okay to feel your feelings, cry, and release.

10) It’s okay to be private, vibe high, and stay low-key.

11) It’s okay to disappear until you feel like you again.

12) It’s okay to be loyal to yourself and betray others.

13) It’s okay to admit you fucked up without blaming others.

14) It’s okay to love someone and hate their toxic behavior.

15) It’s okay to disconnect from others to reconnect with yourself.

16) It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand without explaining yourself.

17) It’s okay to vibe alone until someone understands your energy and silence.

18) It’s okay to move on with no hard feelings or resentment and let karma take care of it.

19) It’s okay to forgive someone, accept their apology, and not let them back into your life.

20) It’s okay to mind your own business, keep a low profile and be quiet, even if you have a lot to say.

It’s a Red Flag

1) It’s a red flag when they repeatedly lower your vibe.

2) It’s a red flag when they use your love as their self-love.

3) It’s a red flag when you feel lonely in their company.

4) It’s a red flag when they attack you for disagreeing with them.

5) It’s a red flag when they call you crazy after failing to gaslight you.

6) It’s a red flag when they support your trauma, but not your healing.

7) It’s a red flag when they say it’s okay but throw it in your face later.

8) It’s a red flag when they say they’re interested but show a lack of effort.

9) It’s a red flag when they apologize without changing their behavior.

10) It’s a red flag when they apologize for upsetting you, but not for hurting you.

11) It’s a red flag when they give you all of the right words and none of the right actions.

12) It’s a red flag when they focus on your reaction or boundaries instead of their disrespect.

13) It’s a red flag when they focus on your trust issues with them instead of their betrayal.

14) It’s a red flag when they disappear from your rock bottom and appear on your mountain top.

15) It’s a red flag when they repeatedly trigger your mental health and then blame you for your negative reaction.

16) It’s a red flag when they say “After all I’ve done for you” to guilt-trip you, control you and make you prove your worth.

17) It’s a red flag when they repeatedly disrespect you and want you to be the bigger person to let their bullshit slide.

18) It’s a red flag when they make you feel like you’re holding resentment against them when you’re sticking to your boundaries.

Expectations and Disappointments

1) It’s human nature to have expectations.

2) No one ever disappoints you. Your expectations of them disappoint you.

3) They are toxic when they hold you accountable to expectations you didn’t agree to.

4) You give away your power when you think you are responsible for their disappointment. You are responsible for what you do and don’t do, not their expectations and disappointments of you.

5) There are healthy and unhealthy expectations. Healthy expectations are often based on clearly communicated agreements and responsibilities. Unhealthy expectations are often uncommunicated and based on assumptions and mental stories.

6) Healthy expectations often form the basis of your personal boundaries. For example, you expect to be treated with kindness, love, affection, and respect from loved ones and friends.

7) You are responsible for your expectations and disappointments. They are responsible for breaking their agreement with you.

8) It’s perfectly fine to disappoint someone who has unhealthy or unrealistic expectations of you.

9) Staying away from those who blame you for their disappointment from their unhealthy or unrealistic expectations of you is self-care.

10) Manipulation is when they keep giving you false hope and then disappoint you. Every time they do this, they are slowly killing your heart.

11) Expectations breed disappointment. Disappointment can breed resentment. Repeated resentment can breed hatred and increase the passive-aggressive tendency. Hatred is a form of negative energy that you carry in your body. It’s hard to be present and heal when you are hating.

12) You communicated with someone and made an agreement with them. You expect them to do what they agreed. This is a healthy expectation. If they don’t, you may be disappointed. Disappointment is just part of life. Especially when you are dealing with people who lack integrity.

13) When someone disappoints you, practice not taking it personally, but seeing it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Take a deep breath and feel your disappointment. Release it and process what happened.

14) If your expectations are healthy, treat this as them crossing your boundaries and adjust accordingly. Reframe your relationship with them if necessary. If your expectations are unhealthy or unrealistic, practice detaching and letting go of these expectations.

15) Clear communication, boundaries, and understanding are essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Communicate what you expect from them and form agreements with them. Encourage them to do the same.

Life Hacks

1) Toxic blood is not thicker than water.

2) Be unmoved by compliments or criticism.

3) Your mental story about them is not them.

4) You project outward what you reject inward.

5) Their happiness is not your responsibility.

6) Stop waiting for a comfortable way to grow.

7) You are under no obligation to interact with anyone.

8) The real failure is the failure to learn from failure.

9) How you feel about the situation is not the situation.

10) Your forgiveness is for you. Their apology is for them.

11) The validation you seek is usually the self-love you need.

12) Focus on improving yourself rather than their image of you.

13) You are not how they treat you. They are how they treat you.

14) Beware of those who support your trauma but not your healing.

15) They can belittle you. Only you can make yourself feel small.

16) Stop dancing between who you used to be and who you want to be.

17) Your body is the first to know. Your mind is the last to accept.

18) When hating someone, try to remember their kindness towards you.

19) Rock bottom reveals who they are. Mountain top reveals who you are.

20) You don’t disappoint them. Their expectations of you disappoint them.

21) Understanding does not always mean acceptance, agreement, or forgiveness.

22) You are responsible for how you feel. They are responsible for what they do.

23) Don’t try to calm your inner storm. Try to stay calm during your inner storm.

24) Let them talk shit about the old you while you heal and evolve into the new you.

25) What they think of you is between them and their thoughts, not between you and them.

26) Don’t make any major decisions until you feel and process your emotions and release them.

27) You are not insecure. You feel insecure. Feelings come and go. You are not your feelings.

28) It’s not about mastering your mind. It’s about mastering the relationship with your mind.

29) Saying no to someone you love doesn’t mean you love them less, but you love yourself more.

30) After helping others, forget and move on. After someone helps you, be grateful and remember.

31) Before you say or do something, think about the position you will be in and how you might feel.

32) Ego seeks attention. Soul seeks connection. Focus on your soul mission, not your ego expansion.

33) You can’t heal back to the version of you before you got hurt. Heal who you are now, not who you used to be.

34) If they don’t respect your boundaries, they don’t respect you. If they don’t respect you, they don’t really love you.

35) When they want you, they will be present with their desires. When they love you, they will be present with your needs.

36) You are not responsible for their assumptions, judgments, projections, and the version of you they created in their minds.

37) Detachment is when it appears, you choose not to interact with it. Letting go is when it appears, you choose not to go with it.

38) Walking on eggshells usually means to walk away. Fight-or-flight response usually means to keep your distance. Sudden fatigue usually means you are being drained.

39) Accepting an apology does not always mean forgiveness. Forgiveness does not always mean reconnection. Reconnection does not always mean going back to the way things were.

40) Be kind. Do no harm. Take no shit. Own your shit. Be assertive, not aggressive. When they cross your boundaries, they are being aggressive. When you enforce your boundaries, you are being assertive.

How to Use Your Body as a Second Mind

Your body is the first to know. Your mind is the last to accept. Strengthen the connection with your body and use your body as a second mind. This will protect you and serve you well in life.

Body scan is a great way to strengthen the connection with your body.
The more you do this, the more connected you are with your body. If possible, do this every day. The more connected you are with your body, the more conscious you are, the better your life. In addition, as your body awareness increases, your self-awareness will also increase.

Here are the steps:
• Lie down. Breathe deeply into your lungs 8 to 10 times. Relax your body. Gently place your awareness on your right foot and toes. Feel them for a few seconds.

• Next, repeat the same process for these body parts: right knee, lower knee and right thigh.

• Left foot and toes, left knee, leg below the knee and left thigh.

• Hips, pelvis, buttocks, front abdomen, chest, lower back, spine and upper back.

• Right hand, right wrist and forearm, right elbow, upper arm and shoulder.

• Left hand, left wrist and forearm, left elbow, upper arm and shoulder.

• Neck, throat, jaw, face and head.

Pay attention to how your body feels. Your body will tell you things:

For example:
• My body told me that I need to be careful of my lower back. So I listened and used a back guard for a few days.

• My body told me to be gentle when showering. So when I wash my body, I slow down and be gentle.

• I noticed that when I interact with someone, my body becomes very tense. So I use this as a reminder to examine and decide.

A Healing Method

I hope this healing method can help you:

Whenever you are ready (maybe another day, week or month), repeat this method and feel a little more of your negative emotions. You are on your own schedule. You heal at your own pace. This will allow you to gradually release some of the traumatic energy trapped in your body.

The more you feel and release, the less traumatic energy in your body and the better your body will be. You will feel lighter and better as if some weight has been lifted. In addition, an inner space will begin to open and new energies and feelings will appear.

A Chakra Experience

Last year I suddenly knew I needed to Google chakras. I didn’t know why, but I trusted my sudden inner knowing. So I did and found How to Open Your Spiritual Chakras​.

I immediately practiced on my root chakra for about 7 minutes. I suddenly felt my root chakra vibrating. However, I only felt the left side of my root chakra, not the right side. In the next two days, I did root chakra practice for about 7 minutes. I felt the right side of my root chakra.

I began to feel my root chakra vibrating all the time. The soles of my feet began to beat like a heartbeat. I began to feel energy moving back and forth from the soles of my feet to my root chakra.

I love this feeling. What a wonderful experience. I practiced on my sacral chakra for a few days. I suddenly felt my sacral chakra vibrating. I practiced on my solar plexus chakra. It took me many times to feel it vibrating.

I realized that the higher I go (in terms of chakras), the longer it took for me to feel it vibrating. My two palms began to beat like a heartbeat. I started to feel this energy “line” in my body, and I suddenly knew that this is what some people call Kundalini.

Nowadays I feel my chakras vibrating and energy moving in my body. The soles of my feet and two palms beat like a heartbeat. My entire body is pretty vibrant.

However, the energy “line” from my heart chakra to my crown chakra is not very strong, but I can feel it. So I focus on strengthening this connection.

This is such a beautiful and energetic experience. I hope you can experience this in your own body.

A True Story

I tried to write this story about five times, but every time I started to write it, my body said “No” to me, so I took that as a sign not to write it. This time, for some unknown reason, my body is okay with it. I know in my heart that this happened, but my mind doesn’t want to believe it.

Many years ago, the Enlightened One suddenly told me not to spend the night at any of my father’s relatives’ houses. I did not ask him why. I just believed him and said “Okay”. However, I did wonder because some relatives of my father have some strange deaths and misfortunes.

Two years later, a relative of my father asked me if I wanted to attend their family gathering. This was way before I accidentally became fearless, I was very afraid of the Enlightened One, so I quickly said “Yes”.

I told the Enlightened One that I am going to attend a family gathering with my father’s relatives. He nodded and said nothing. I quickly got out of there and jumped into my cousin’s car. When we got there, I knew immediately that I didn’t vibe with anyone.

I was friendly and diplomatic, and I mingled with them. Time passed quickly, and we had dinner together. The ugly truth was that I didn’t like spending time with them, but I was using them to get away from the Enlightened One.

It was late when the gathering ended. My cousin asked if I could stay at her house. I said “Yes, but I need to let the Enlightened One know.” I called him and told him. He said “Okay”. I forgot his warning not to spend the night at any of my father’s relatives’ houses.

When I was brushing my teeth in her house, I saw my hands and they looked gray. I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was also gray. I took off my shirt and looked at my chest. It was gray. My whole body was like a corpse. I didn’t know what happened, so I went to bed.

The next morning, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was even more grayish than before. I felt like a character in a black and white movie, but everyone else is in a color movie. My cousin dropped me off back at the Enlightened One’s place. I thanked her and went in.

The dog started barking at me. I greeted the Enlightened One and other students and sat down. He suddenly asked all the students to leave and take the dog. They left with the dog. Only me and him in the room.

He: What happened to you?
I: I don’t know, but my whole body is gray like a corpse.

He: You forgot about not spending the night at any of your father’s relatives’ houses.
I: Oh, I forgot. I am sorry.

He told me that ‘they’ had come and violated my body. My ancestors from my father’s side did some things that made other families hate them. The family on my father’s side is cursed. My ancestors in the ghost realm are fighting with other families.

He said “You can be religious and spiritual, but it won’t resolve this kind of generational curse.” He said “You can escape to other places on Earth, but ‘they’ will find you eventually.” I felt the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

He said “The only way is to help others from the bottom of your heart. Accumulate merits and virtues to resolve this kind of generational curse.”

That was when he did a little miracle for me.

He told me to close my hands. I closed my gray hands. He asked me “Are you willing to help others from the bottom of your heart?”

I almost cried and said “Yes”. He asked me again and I said “Yes”. He said “Open your hands.” I opened them and looked – the grey was gone. He said “Only about 75% of the gray disappeared from your body. You can do inner practices to remove the rest.”

I started to do inner practices like no tomorrow. Soon, the rest of the gray disappeared. After returning to the United States, I told my family and friends, but they didn’t believe me.

It’s good to do inner work, shadow work, breathwork, self-love, self-care, forgiveness, letting go, release, feel and heal, raise your emotional intelligence, raise your spiritual intelligence, raise your vibration, etc.

However, sometimes you cannot break a generational curse. You must help others from the bottom of your heart. The universe helps those who help themselves and others. Continue to accumulate merits and virtues to break this kind of generational curse.

Consciously Reframe Your Story Related to Your Negative Emotions

Your story related to your negative emotions may be fantasy or reality. If possible, be aware of your story, don’t make any assumptions, don’t blindly believe it to be true, and check the facts. If necessary, communicate with others.

Example 1:
• You failed.
• You are disappointed.
• The story related to your disappointment is activated.
• The story tells you “You are not good enough. You will never amount to anything. You will always be a failure.”

Reframe → No! I am good enough. I am worthy. I did my best. I learn from failure. I am getting better and better. I will succeed.

Example 2:
• You ask your lover to do something for you.
• Your lover says “no”.
• You are upset.
• The story related to your upset is activated.
• This story tells you “She doesn’t love you. If she loves you, she will say yes.”

Reframe → No! She loves me. Her “no” is her boundaries. I love her and I respect her boundaries.

Example 3:
• Someone disagrees with you.
• You feel angry.
• The story related to your anger is activated.
• The story tells you “They attacked me! They are mean!”

Reframe → No! They didn’t attack me. Disagreement does not mean attack. They are entitled to their own opinions. I am entitled to my own opinions. We can agree to disagree.

Example 4:
• You supported someone.
• They don’t support you.
• You feel sad.
• The story related to your sadness is activated.
• The story tells you “They don’t deserve my support! I supported them. They don’t support me.”

Reframe → No! Their world does not revolve around me. They may be very busy, not realizing that I need support, or supporting me in their own way. I need to clearly communicate my needs with them.

Reminder: Consciously reframing your story related to your negative emotions is one of the keys to conscious living.

Some Possible Messages of Your Negative Emotions

Your negative emotions usually come bearing their own important messages. These messages direct your attention to what is happening in your life and often urge you to take action. Here are some common negative emotions and their possible messages:

• You are sad.
• You are hurt.
• You are afraid.
• You are vulnerable.
• You need to change.
• Your boundaries have been crossed.
• Your need to enforce your boundaries.

• You are in danger.
• You expect to suffer losses.
• You are attached and may be forced to detach.
• You are connected and may be forced to disconnect.
• You need to ground yourself.
• You need to love the part of you that is afraid.

• You are insecure.
• You are angry or annoyed.
• You cannot meet your needs.
• You cannot change or achieve something.
• You need to focus on what you can do.
• You need to accept what cannot be changed.

• You care.
• You have empathy.
• You need to pay attention to your behavior.
• You think you have done something wrong, but you have not corrected your mistake.
Note: Without empathy, you cannot feel guilty.

• You are angry.
• You are afraid.
• You feel disgusted.
• You envy people you hate.
• You need to focus on yourself.
• You need to love the part of you that is hating.

• You are stressed.
• You are annoyed.
• You are impatient.
• You are slightly angry.
• You are allergic to something.
• You need to be alone.
• You need to calm yourself.
• You need to be compassionate.

• You lack trust.
• You are afraid.
• You are insecure.
• Your self-esteem may be low.
• You may have unrealistic expectations.
• You need to trust.
• You need to be grateful.

• You are sad.
• You feel bad.
• You are frustrated.
• You are disappointed.
• You have done it before.
• You need to feel, accept, let go, and move on.

• You are bitter.
• You are angry.
• You are not being heard.
• You think you have been mistreated.
• You think you have been treated unfairly.
• You may have unrealistic expectations.
• You need to identify and take action from where you have power.
• You need to let go of anything that you have no power.
• You need to be grateful.

• You are in despair.
• You suffered a loss.
• You are disappointed.
• You are at a disadvantage.
• You need to let go of something.
• You need to be courageous and strong.

• You regret.
• You hate yourself.
• You judge yourself.
• You feel dishonored.
• You see your entire self in a negative light.
• You need to know that you are not your shame.
• You need to reconnect with yourself.

How to Feel Your Negative Emotions 101

Try the following steps to feel your negative emotions:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Tell yourself “I am not my negative emotions.”
  3. Breathe.
  4. Feel them.
  5. Become them.
  6. Breathe.
  7. Tell yourself “I am not my negative emotions.”
  8. Breathe.
  9. Let them go.
  10. Breathe.
  11. If necessary, repeat these steps.

When feeling your negative emotions, beware of these tendencies:

  1. Judging your negative emotions.
  2. Denying your negative emotions.
  3. Shaming your negative emotions.
  4. Escaping your negative emotions.
  5. Resisting your negative emotions.
  6. Minimizing your negative emotions.
  7. Invalidating your negative emotions.
  8. Suppressing your negative emotions.
  9. Thinking about your negative emotions.
  10. Pretending your negative emotions do not exist.
  11. Telling yourself you shouldn’t feel a certain way.
  12. Thinking about the stories or beliefs related to your negative emotions.

If you find yourself doing these things, stop because you are not feeling your negative emotions. Gently pull the focus back to feeling your negative emotions.

General rules:

  1. Your negative emotions are valid.
  2. There is no wrong or right way to feel.
  3. Your negative emotions demand to be felt.
  4. It’s okay to feel your negative emotions.
  5. The more you suppress your negative emotions, the more depressed you will be.
  6. You need to feel these negative emotions to release their energy from your system.
  7. Be gentle with yourself. Take your time.
  8. Practice makes perfect.

Some of My High Vibration Experience

As you vibrate higher, your body will push out the lower vibration. This can be confusing and painful. Higher vibration means new energy. New energy means new awareness. New awareness means new sensitivity, which usually means new adjustments, boundaries, learning, and self-love.

During this energy transfusion, sometimes your body gets tired. Rest your body and drink lots of water. Sometimes your body is on fire. You feel so good, so vibrant, and so alive. Waves of new energy are pouring into you. You flow and connect with the universe. Be in your heart.

Many people fail at this stage because their ego takes over, and they think this will last forever. After it fades, they often pretend they are in high vibration. At this stage, the key is to BE MORE YOU. Keep letting go of everything that is NOT YOU. Keep purifying your energy.

Respect your new energy. Let go of your old energy. Continue this process. Your new energy will come together. You will feel good, solid, and whole inside. You will feel very unbothered by the external. It will be easy to separate your thoughts, emotions, and desires from others.

As your energy becomes stronger, your aura will become stronger. Some people will notice and come to you. Be careful. Not everyone has your best interests in mind. Be in your body. Trust your new awareness, intuition, inner guide, and the universe – they will tell you what to do.

With your new sensitivity, you will see others’ low-vibration moves. You will be compassionate because you were them. You will feel the energy behind their tweets. You will know if they are authentic. You will feel the energy flow in your timeline. You will suddenly know things.

As the high vibration stabilizes, you will feel good and flow naturally. This flow is your connection to the universe. When flowing, you are in 5D and out of the Matrix. You can sense 3D and 4D movement. The key in this flow state is to be in your heart and use your awareness.

You will feel good, but sometimes you will feel lonely more than ever. It’s hard to find others like you. An angel in human form told me to love myself when I feel lonely. Another angel in human form told me to dissolve the inner view of “us and them.” These are game-changers.

Sometimes when flowing, your energy field will expand. If others DM you and you wish them well, sometimes your energy will pour into them and help them. The key is to wish them well from your pure heart. Without a pure heart, one cannot have pure energy. Your heart is the driver.

Some Things About Personal Boundaries

Personal boundaries are physical, emotional, mental, and energy restrictions you set to protect yourself from being abused, blamed, controlled, gaslighted, manipulated, or violated by others. Personal boundaries let you separate your identity, thoughts, and feelings from others.

This protection and separation is your right and unique expression. If you don’t take responsibility for this protection and separation, you tend to believe that your self-worth comes from others, which allows others to abuse, blame, control, gaslight, manipulate, or violate you.

This protection helps you determine the behavior of others and yourself in a very clear way. For example, when they violate your boundaries, they are aggressive. When you defend and enforce your boundaries, you are assertive.

This separation reminds you to manage your own emotions, rather than taking the emotions of others as your responsibility, which saves you from feeling too much, because in addition to your emotions, you also unconsciously treat others’ emotions as your own.

The more you enforce your boundaries, the more they will become filters for what is acceptable and unacceptable in your life and set clear limits for others to follow and respect, which will lead to more assertiveness, self-respect, self-esteem, self-love, and self-care.

The objective way to define personal boundaries is through your responsibility to others, because your personal boundaries are where your responsibility ends and their responsibility begins. This prevents you from doing things for others that they should do for themselves.

This also prevents you from saving others from the consequences of their actions which they need to experience in order to grow. This also prevents you from crossing your boundaries by not fulfilling your responsibilities.

This is your life. You know your value, what you need, and what you want most. You are responsible for your life. As a result, this also prevents others from making decisions for your life. This also prevents you from making decisions for others’ life.

When others try to push their responsibilities onto you, this will inform you that they are trying to cross your boundaries. When others suffer from the consequences of failing to fulfill their responsibilities, this will inform you not to cross your boundaries to save them.

When you fail to fulfill your responsibilities, this will inform you that you are crossing your boundaries, and you can’t expect others to save you, because this is what you need to experience in order to grow.

When others make decisions for your life, this will inform you that they are crossing your boundaries. When you make decisions for others’ life, this will inform you that you are crossing their boundaries. There are exceptions to these clear points.

Some Suggestions For Being At Home With Your Toxic Loved Ones

Don’t try to “fix” them.

Don’t try to change them.

Enforce your boundaries.

Relax your body and just be.

Minimize your interaction with them.

Practice feeling your feelings and emotions, then let them go.

Do self-love affirmation in front of the mirror multiple times every day.

Do more meditation, because this usually releases negative external energy from your body and resets your system.

Lie down. Relax your body. Take some deep breaths. Replay scenes from your negative interaction with them. Feel your sadness, anger, hatred, regret, shame, guilt, etc. Stop. Relax your body. Let go. Whenever you can, do it again. Gradually feel all of the emotions from this negative interaction to release their trapped energy. The more you do this, the easier it gets.

Do pranic breathing – breathe with your diaphragm through your nose. Touch your palate with your tongue, as this connects the front and back energy channels of your body. Inhale and count to 7. Pause and count to 1. Exhale and count to 7. Pause and count to 1. Repeat. This is pranic breathing 7-1-7-1.

Pranic breathing gives you life energy. It reduces stress. It helps you relax. It lowers your heart rate. It lowers your blood pressure. It improves your core muscle stability. It slowly settles your mind. If you can, try 6-3-6-3. This is more difficult, but it will give you more life energy.

Lie down. Relax your body. Take some deep breaths. Gently feel parts of your body. For example, your feet, legs, waist, chest, shoulders, neck, and head. This will help you re-establish the connection with your body.

Get some black tourmaline and selenite crystals. Carry the black tourmaline crystal in your left pants pocket. Carry the selenite crystal in your right pants pocket. Since external energy usually enters your body from the left and then leaves from the right, the black tourmaline crystal will cleanse external energy entering your body, and the selenite crystal will cleanse your body as external energy leaves your body.

Place many black tourmaline and selenite crystals in your bedroom. That will purify the energy in your bedroom. Your bedroom will be a safe place where you can relax, feel your body, meditate, etc.

Lie down. Relax your body. Take some deep breaths. Hold the black tourmaline crystal in your left hand. Place the selenite crystal on your forehead. You will be able to think more clearly. This will also reduce your headache and cleanse your body. Do it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do this multiple times a day. If you do pranic breathing at the same time, the effect will be even better.

Take a long shower. Wash your body slowly. When washing each part of your body, be present, and feel your body. Imagine the water washes away all the negative energy of your toxic loved ones. When finished, slowly dry yourself, be present, and feel your body.

When they do their toxic behavior, leave. If it is difficult to leave, tell them you need to go to the restroom and then leave. Take your time in the restroom to gather yourself. Do a few rounds of pranic breathing. Wash your face if you can.

Practice not to own their attachments, assumptions, blame, comfort zone, disappointment, energy, fear, guilt, insecurity, inner turmoil, negative feelings and emotions, pain, problems, projections, shame, trauma, trigger reactions, vibe, and wound perception.

Use these two psychic shields together to be invulnerable to psychic attacks:

Use this easiest psychic shield:

Practice not to follow your triggered reaction:

Work on your limiting beliefs:

Pay less attention to your mind and more attention to your body’s breathing or sensations:

How I Stopped Hating My Mother – A Strange Experience

My mother is an alpha narcissist. I used to hate her very much. I also projected my self-hatred onto her.

The Enlightened One knew I hated my mother. I think he told me things about my mother to help me reduce hatred.

One time he told me that when I returned to the United States, I should kneel in front of my mother and apologize to her. He even told me what to say to her and rehearsed with me.

The truth was that I didn’t fucking want to, and I was irritated by him, but I respect him, so I said yes.

When I flew back and saw my mother, I knelt in front of her, and I started to recite what the Enlightened One told me.

“Mom, I have not been a good son. I have caused you so many worries and troubles. I am sorry. From now on, I will be a good son.”

At that moment, my world changed.

My heart opened and expanded outward. There was nothing but love. So much love. My body felt like it was dying. I could not stand this much love. I was One with all living beings.

I had no idea that’s what I was. I had been so foolish. I started crying. I walked around in that state for four hours. I saw ants, and I was willing to die for them, because their lives are the same as mine. I saw trees and I knew they knew. Mother Nature smiled at me. Everyone was me in different forms.

After this strange experience, I no longer hate anyone, including myself. I have experienced spontaneous hatred several times, but it did not last long.

A Tiny Snippet Of My Past

I suddenly knew I had to write this. I don’t understand why. I don’t know how this can help anyone, but I fully trust this inner knowing.

Many years ago, some students and I were with the Enlightened One. He suddenly looked at me and said, “One day, you will share what you have learned and help them in English.” He also said, “What you share will be like a clean stream of water, which will help them.”

I didn’t believe him, but I respect him, so I smiled. At that time, I was full of fears. I was full of anxiety. I was a people-pleaser. I was an attention seeker. I was a validation seeker. I was a pretender. I was so insecure. I was still biting my nails. I was so selfish. I hated helping others.

I kept doing my inner and shadow work. I didn’t know they were called that. Many things happened, including many awakenings. In October 2017, I suddenly heard an inner voice telling me to post tweets on Twitter. I ignored it four times but gave in after the fifth time and got on Twitter.

The rest is Twitter history. It turns out the Enlightened One was right again. I am doing what little I can to help others and this helps me too.

A Few Things I Do About My Triggers

I don’t tell most people about my triggers, only those in my inner circle.

I know my triggers are my responsibility, not other people’s responsibility, because my triggers are in me.

I remember some changes in my body when I was triggered.
For example:
I forget to breathe.
My body becomes tense.
My mind becomes cloudy.
My heart beats faster than usual.
I start to blame those who triggered me.
I have an inner heat that expands outward.

When I am triggered, changes in my body usually tell me that I am triggered. I will immediately take a few deep breaths, and put my right thumb in the center of my palm and clench my fist tightly.

This physical feeling often lifts me out of my mental state and reminds me to be present. When I am present, I know not to make any life-changing decisions while triggered. I can usually avoid saying harmful things.

If the situation is not good, I will inform the other person, and then walk away to hold space for myself.

When I have time, I will sit down to understand my trigger; it’s creation, its cause and effect, how to avoid being triggered, etc.

For people and situations that may trigger me, I use them to practice to delay my triggered reaction.

The Easiest Psychic Shield

In case you didn’t see my mini email newsletter:

I didn’t come up with this technique. This is from the book “Practical Psychic Self-Defense For Home And Office” by Master Choa Kok Sui. You can find this book on Amazon.

Cross your arms and legs.

When your arms and legs are crossed, your aura will condense and become smaller.

The negative thoughts and projections of others are difficult to penetrate into a condensed and smaller aura.

When learning in the classroom, don’t cross your arms and legs, because learning is also an energy exchange. If your arms and legs are crossed, you become less receptive to the teaching.

Since crossing your arms is often seen as being defiant, when facing your boss, you can cross your legs and cover your abdomen with your hands. You will be protected more than just the lower half of your body.

Use These Two Psychic Shields Together To Be Invulnerable To Psychic Attacks

In case you didn’t see my mini email newsletter:

I didn’t come up with these two techniques. This is from the book “Practical Psychic Self-Defense For Home And Office” by Master Choa Kok Sui. You can find this book on Amazon.

Concentrate on your basic chakra or the base of your spine.

Do pranic breathing (breathe with diaphragm). Inhale slowly for seven counts. Hold for one count. Exhale slowly for seven counts. Hold for one count. Continue doing pranic breathing for at least nine times while creating the root.

Visualize a root of light from the base of your spine going down to the earth about 15 feet or five meters deep.

Visualize that the root is developing smaller side roots.

Silently affirm:
“I decree that all psychic attacks and contamination directed to me will be flushed down immediately into the earth. So be it.”

“To Mother Earth, thank you for absorbing all psychic attacks and contamination directed to me. So be it. I decree that this psychic root and program will remain for seven days. So be it.”

Use the will and imagine the aura being whirled clockwise 12 times. The tongue must be connected to the palate when doing the whirling technique. Silently affirm, “I decree that all psychic attacks and psychic contaminants will be deflected or flushed down to the earth. So be it.”

Whirling the aura technique causes the psychic attack or destructive psychic contaminants to spin off or flush down psychic energy and to the earth. The effect of the whirling technique using will and imagination lasts for four to six hours or more, depending on the skill of the practitioner. This technique is very effective when one is verbally abused or psychically attacked. It is partially similar to the rooting technique which uses the earth as a diversionary psychic target.

My Process of Worry For People I Care About

When I worry about the people I care about, my mind usually doesn’t develop further mental stories about them.

It’s a frozen image of them in my mind and I worry about them in that frozen form.

I carry this worry until I hear back from them that they are alright, or that they found a solution to their dilemma.

I don’t know why my worry process is like this, but I suspect it has to do with years of inner work and shadow work.

My Personal Journey Cycle

In late 2018, Mother Earth sent out energy waves to all living beings on Earth. It felt like this was a plan to raise our vibration and change human’s destructive course.

There were weeks where I was drunk with life energy and flowed from moment to moment. I had some strange spiritual experiences.

In early 2019, I suddenly realized that my two arms felt as if they had tubes in them, and the center of my palms felt like two holes. I felt as if I could give and absorb life energy with my palms.

Over time, this feeling increased. I panicked because I didn’t want to become an energy vampire. I didn’t want to become a freak, so I told the universe, “NO!” It stopped and that feeling disappeared.

In early 2020, I came across a pranic healer. I saw her scanning the patient with her right palm. I suddenly knew that I wanted to learn. She vaguely told me about her teacher and the classes she took.

I found her teacher online and bought a book he wrote from Amazon. I started practicing the exercises in this book. I suddenly felt that there were two holes in my palms.

I realize this is a cycle from 2018. Therefore, I have decided to go with it. See where it takes me and what the universe will bring.

What Is Facing Yourself?

Many years ago, when I was with the Enlightened One, he asked me, “What is facing yourself?”

I gave him an answer from my mind. He shook his head. I thought for a few minutes and then told him another answer. He shook his head again.

This lasted for three days.

In the end, I could no longer think about it. So I told him I didn’t know. He shook his head again.

I became frustrated. I said to myself, “Fuck this shit.” and I stopped thinking about it. I sat there and let time passed. The Enlightened One left me alone.

Hours passed. Suddenly, I saw an inner flash, and I knew the answer. I immediately told him and he nodded and smiled.

Facing yourself is whenever you see yourself doing any bad behavior, you stop it immediately. You don’t reason with your mind. No reason. No excuses. You just stop it.

This jumps you out of your bad mind pattern. The moment you jump out of your bad mind pattern, you are Zen.

You can talk about Zen all day, but if you don’t jump out of your bad mind pattern, it’s just meaningless words.

Ten Moments

The first moment: I am in a foreign place. I see them. Suddenly, spontaneous awareness happens, and I “see” some of their attributes.

The second-moment: I judge them. I don’t like what I see. I don’t like them.

Observation at the third-moment: They are not their attributes. It is not that I don’t like them. It is that I don’t like their attributes.

Observation at the fourth-moment: It is not that I don’t like their attributes. It is that I don’t like my negative reactions to their attributes.

Observation at the fifth-moment: From this dislike, I blamed them for my negative reactions and judged them.

Observation at the sixth-moment: I didn’t like the fact that I judged them, so I projected this dislike onto them. I tricked myself into thinking that I didn’t like them.

Observation at the seventh-moment: This is on me, not on them. That is why sometimes it is difficult for me to accept others as they are. I blame others for my negative reactions. I project my dislike of my negative reactions onto others.

Observation at the eighth-moment: I didn’t own my bullshit. I need to practice and work on this part.

Observation at the ninth-moment: I am hard on others because I am hard on myself. This is one of my childhood programmings. It controls and limits me. It is okay. I will breathe, relax, and learn at my own pace and on my own terms.

The tenth-moment: I forgive myself. I accept myself. I love myself. I am worthy. I am grateful for this lesson. Thank you, universe.

Some Of My Limited Experiences With Spontaneous Awareness

After years of inner and shadow work, healing, absorbing life energy, my chakras were activated, my heart chakra moved slightly upwards, and then spontaneous consciousness began to emerge.

You can absorb life energy by:

  1. Yoga.
  2. Tai Chi.
  3. Prayer.
  4. Crystal.
  5. Just be.
  6. Mantra.
  7. Letting go.
  8. Meditation.
  9. Being present.
  10. Strong boundaries.
  11. Proper diet, exercise, and rest.
  12. Doing your best in everything.
  13. Reduce immersion in negative emotions.
  14. Other…

I don’t read many books and don’t have much theory. Here are some of my experiences when spontaneous awareness occurs:

You are not in your mind.

You lose your “I”.

You are one with Mother Nature. Both animals and trees know.

Your energy flow is better.

What you “see” is Real (or Living Dharma).

You “see” through the surface and “see” attributes.

It may take some time, but these attributes naturally form internal systems.

Through these internal systems, you suddenly learn a part of how you and others function internally.

Sometimes you will see body language, cycles, desires, ego-minds, emotions, feelings, hearts, intentions, methods, micro-expressions, tendencies, signs from the universe, subconscious programs, toxicities, transitions, traps, vibes, etc.

Sometimes you see a ghost living in someone’s body. This will scare you. It may take a long time for you to make adjustments. The ghost knows you know.

This may activate one of your blood gifts. For example, the ability to see future waves. It will take longer for you to make adjustments.

Sometimes you suddenly know things that you couldn’t possibly know. These may be things about yourself and others. These things can serve as instructions to tell you to do something, buy something, and go somewhere.

Sometimes you notice that some material things calling out to you.

Sometimes you suddenly know exactly what to say to someone.

Sometimes you suddenly know what to do next.

Sometimes you see that your karma is coming for you. You can decide to avoid or endure, but some karma cannot be avoided.

Sometimes you suddenly know that someone is your negative karmic relationship.

Since when spontaneous awareness occurs, you are not in your mind, your Heart decides. For example, I practice many paths at the same time. One of the paths that I practice is to reduce harm to myself and others. When spontaneous awareness occurs, I may see five options, and I naturally choose the one that is the least harmful. This happens instantly. What you practice repeatedly matters.


Working On One Of My Limiting Beliefs

I always thought I was not good enough. After years of inner work, I suddenly realized that this was a limiting belief from my childhood.

I grew up in a family environment that rarely pointed out what I did right, only pointed out what I did wrong. After years of pointing out what I did wrong, I started to believe that I was not good enough.

This understanding was very good, but not enough to reprogram my unconscious mind. I instinctively knew that I had to communicate with my unconscious mind. The unconscious mind usually communicates through thoughts, feelings, impressions, and images.

So I took some deep breaths to relax my body, because when the body relaxes, the mind usually follows. Once I was relaxed all over, I asked myself a question: “Why do I always think I am not good enough?”

Then I placed my awareness on thoughts, feelings, impressions, and images that appeared. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared. I repeated it five times, but still found nothing. So I ended the session and carried on.

I repeated this process for five days without any response. On the sixth day, images appeared from the inside. I saw myself as a child. I was so excited that I got 98 out of 100 on the math test. I happily took the test back home to show my mother.

When I showed her, I said, “Hey, mom! Look, I got 98 out of 100!” I wanted her to be proud of me. She looked at me coldly and said, “Get 100 next time.”

I saw that I became very disappointed as a child. It hurt. I also saw the child thinking he was not good enough. That was the root of this limiting belief. So I told him: “You are loved. You are appreciated. You are good enough.” I took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief.

This was not the end of this limiting belief. When I feel hurt by those who are in my heart, sometimes it still appears. But now I know the source of it consciously. When it appears, I consciously tell myself: “You are loved. You are appreciated. You are good enough.” and let go.

November 2017: A Mostly Neutral Mind

My inner critic has troubled me all my life. It was loud. It judged everything that I did and didn’t do. It was always harsh and relentless. I have used various toxic and non-toxic ways to cope with my inner critic.

In October 2017, I suddenly heard an inner voice telling me to tweet on Twitter. I ignored it four times, but succumbed after the fifth time and went on Twitter.

In November 2017, my mind suddenly became mostly neutral. The voice of my inner critic became small. Easy to ignore and refute. Inner calm began to happen. I naturally stayed in the inner calm. I could watch and let my mind do its things. Soon an inner space opened up. I realized that I could be present when I stay in it and save a lot of life energy.

When I was present, I noticed my energy circulation was smoother. As a result, my vibe improved. With my improved resonance, new people started to emerge, and new situations began to happen. Negative emotions still occurred, but they didn’t affect me as badly as before. I realized that I could observe what they do to my mind.

My inner world became pleasant and brought inner gentleness, which naturally made my inner child appear more than before. At this point, my heart was mostly closed. I didn’t understand the path of the heart. I was also waiting for my body to die. I still had a lot of toxic tendencies and behaviors. So I continued to do my inner and shadow work.

In February 2018, Mother Earth sent out many energy waves around the world. This has brought more internal changes. There were days when I was drunk with life energy and flowed from moment to moment. There were also some strange spiritual experiences.

Over time, I adapted to most of the changes in my inner world. I am still learning about it every day. Even though the mind is a cruel master, for the most part, I don’t suffer my inner critic, and I am okay with my mind’s negativity. This is just the beginning and I still have a long way to go.

July 2009: Inner Eye

It was July 2009. I went to bed as usual. The next day, I woke up as usual, but something was different. I didn’t know what it was until I started to “see” how ugly I was inside and how ugly some people were inside. My inner eye began to “see” ego-mind patterns.

That really messed me up badly and shattered some of my illusions about reality. I thought I was nice and fine. I thought others were nice and fine. But I was ugly inside and they were ugly inside. I realized that we were all sinners.

I couldn’t stand what I was seeing. I saw myself bullshiting myself and others. I saw people saying things with insincere or pretentious intentions. I saw my ego-mind in action. I saw their ego-minds in action.

I started to point out others’ bullshit as they do them so that I could vent my negative emotions. I lost a lot of friends during that time. I started to point out my family’s bullshit. I drove them crazy. They didn’t know what I was saying. Their ego-mind happened so quickly that their thoughts immediately blurred it.

My world was collapsing from the inside. I didn’t know myself and others anymore. My mother thought there was something wrong with my eyes and told me to see an eye doctor. I avoided going out and stayed away from people as much as possible. I considered making myself blind and deaf, so that I could avoid seeing and hearing.

I kept telling myself that I am not crazy. I couldn’t find others like me. I didn’t know how to ask for help. The situation became so bad that my dad called the Enlightened One. The Enlightened One told me to go see him and he would help me. When I was there, he told me that my inner eye was open and I needed to adjust myself. He taught me some methods to help me adjust myself.

He also told me to start classifying ego-mind patterns. Therefore, I practiced these methods over and over and paid attention to various ego-mind patterns and techniques. I also started reading newspaper headlines to understand and gather their techniques. I also did the inner and shadow work to face and improve myself. For years, this was all I did.

My body is allergic to alcohol, but I got drunk several times to see if this inner eye would close. It didn’t. The only break I got was from my sleep. Over the years, the inner eye saw more and more, but I have learned to relax and let go. I also learned to socialize with people again.

From my experience, awakening is not for the faint of heart. Every awakening will bring you closer to reality, collapses you from the inside, and messes you up in ways you can’t fathom.

An Accidental Awakening: How I Accidentally Lost My Feeling Of Fear

It was about six years ago. I was so afraid of the Enlightened One. He can read my thoughts. He can see how ugly I was inside. My fear kept growing, and I kept trying to control it. I was also with a manipulator and an abuser, and they were messing with me.

My fear reached a level beyond my control. At that moment, I screamed from the inside and said, “NO MORE!” I heard a cracking sound inside, like something shattered. I didn’t know I became fearless and lost my feeling of fear. Since then my life has changed forever.

In place of the feeling of fear, there is only inner silence. I went to see the Enlightened One. When he saw me, he smiled and said, “Ah, good! You can start learning Buddhism now.” He had a dog that almost always barked at me. That dog stopped barking at me. Somehow it knew. I also saw that sometimes when it barks, it was pretending because it knew that others would be scared.

I lost all my phobias. I was afraid of heights. So I went to all the tall buildings that I could find and stand on top. My hands would be a little itchy, but my inside was silent. I started to see many people acting out of fear, but they didn’t realize it.

I realized that fear happens instantly. After that, the mind replays this fear and develops a feeling of fear. Most people suffer from the feeling of fear.

I saw my family members mainly act out of fear. I knew I had ended my resonance with them in this regard. I never felt so alone because I couldn’t find anyone like me. I saw my friends say things out of fear, and they felt scared, but I had no reaction. It took a long time to learn to pretend to be afraid so I could fit in.

The Enlightened One said that I temporarily ended my karma of ignorance, but if I don’t continue my inner practice, it could come back. He also said that I will never die from a natural disaster. It doesn’t matter because I don’t feel fear about my own death.

I started to see and classify what people do when they are afraid. It became part of my inner practice. I also realized that I have no courage, because courage belongs to the one with fear, not the fearless one. In addition, I understood how past Zen masters could face death so calmly.

It also created a disconnect between me and others. When others told me about their fear, I couldn’t relate because I forgot about the feeling of fear. I had to remind myself to look at things from their perspectives and feelings.

In reality, fear is only a paper tiger. True Heart never fears. Fear comes from greed. Greed comes from ignorance (inner darkness). Losing my feeling of fear is just the beginning. I am still a beginner in many things. After a long while, I stopped looking for others like me and focused on my own inner practice and growth.

The Lady Of Fate

Many years ago, I was tired of suffering. I wanted to die, but I couldn’t kill myself. On a sunny afternoon, I left my work without telling anyone. I decided to let my body die naturally.

As I was driving, I stopped at a red light. Suddenly, I lost my sense of time and space. I was surrounded by light and saw her. Somehow I knew she was Fate. She told me why I had to suffer all these years. I also saw a glimpse of how fate works.

Free will and fate exist at the same moment. When you live in your mind and repeat your familiar patterns, it is difficult to make different choices. So you tend to make similar choices over and over, and your future can be predicted by real fortune tellers.

When you live in awareness, you “see” more options that your mind doesn’t see. You can also “see” the harm in your toxic patterns. If you make choices based on your awareness, you have free will.

There are traps specifically designed for you. They resonate with your toxic patterns, and choosing them makes you feel good. When you become aware of them and avoid them, everything resets and you are still limited by this design.

Increase your awareness as much as possible. You will start to “see” that life is not what you think, and reality will begin to show itself to you. What you do is important because everything is connected.

This happened in an instant and I was back in my car. The radio was still playing the same song. I was stopped at the same red light. Joy sprang naturally from within, and I began to cry. Whenever I was at the end of my rope, the universe always threw me a lifeline.

Those Who Will Stay In Your Life Tend To Have Compatible Life Energy With You

If you can feel life energy, you will know who has compatible life energy with you. If you don’t, here is a method that may help you determine.

Ask them to sit on a chair and take off their shoes and socks. Take off your shoes and socks. Stand on their feet and hold both of their hands.

Close your eyes. Stand still. Try not to think. Let your body tell you. If their life energy is compatible with yours, your body will feel natural. Your chest won’t feel stuffy. Your mind will be clear. Your heart will be open. You will feel like this is meant to be.

Some people are only meant to be in your life for a short time. For these people, their life energy usually changes from compatible to incompatible.

There will be those who are only compatible with your wounded self. As you heal and grow, they will become less and less compatible with you.

The interesting thing is that no matter how much you heal and grow, the life energy of your soulmate and heart-to-heart is always compatible with you.

Start seeing everything from the energy perspective. This will open your mind and deepen your life experience. For example, everyone is just you on another timeline with a different energy composition.

Pay Less Attention To Your Mind And More Attention To Your Body’s Breathing Or Sensations

There are many benefits to paying more attention to your body’s breathing or sensations. You become more present. You can see more moments. You can listen to what your body says to you. You become more in tune with the universe.

Your body can tell you many things that your mind can’t. For example, your body knows when someone’s energy is bad for you. It knows when the relationship is already over. It knows you are not facing your truth.

Your body often speaks to you through pain and discomfort. The more you pay attention to your body, the more you will suddenly know what a particular body pain means.

For example, neck pain usually means that you are not facing your truth. Lower back pain usually means that you are not dealing with certain emotions or lacking self-support and support from others.

When I don’t know how to answer someone’s question in the DM, I usually ignore the answer from my mind. I relax for a few minutes with my body. The answer usually pops up from the inside, and then I type it into the DM. The more I do this, the more I feel connected with the universe.

Your body will tell you not to interact with certain people or go into their timeline. Your body will tell you not to look at their Twitter AVI and read their tweets. Your body often talks to you, but you are not used to listening.

Start paying more attention to your body’s breathing or sensations. You will suddenly know what your body is saying to you. This is good for your healing process because your body can tell you about your mental blind spots. This is also a huge advantage today, as you can learn to use your body as a secondary mind.

I Didn’t Know Why I Was A People-Pleaser

Many years ago, I didn’t know why I was a people-pleaser. I would please others and then regret it. It happened often and I couldn’t help myself.

I wanted to know why. My thoughts gave me many possible answers. I ignored them all because I knew the answer had to come from within, so I went in to find the answer. After about 4 years of inner search, the answer suddenly came.

My parents didn’t give me any compliments and validations. No matter how well I did, it was not good enough for them. What I couldn’t get from home, I went outside to get it. I pleased other people in exchange for their validation.

This was my subconscious program. I could try to stop my people-pleasing tendency, but that would only address the symptoms, not the cause.

I thought about it for several days until I realized that the only validation I needed was from my conscience, not others. The key is to give myself what I want from others. This key has served me well for many years.

When I started consciously validating myself, my life was greatly improved. It was also not that difficult to stop my people-pleasing tendency.

If you want to know yourself, dig deep into yourself to find the answer. Your thoughts will give you many possible answers, but the real answer is in you.

A Way to Refuse Others’ Offer

Thank them for this offer.

Thank them for remembering you.

Tell them that you think this offer sounds good, but it’s not quite right for this phase of your life. You don’t need to explain why, because you don’t owe them any explanation. If you want to explain, tell them it’s personal.

Tell them although now is not a good time for this offer. Maybe this situation will change in the future. You hope that when the right time comes, this offer will still be available to you if you need it.

Leave this offer as a potential opportunity for your future. Always consciously choose to leave more options for the future version of you.

Think About How You Can Use Negative And Toxic Situations to Help You Improve

Many years ago, I was trapped in a toxic work environment. I was too scared to leave because of living expenses and mortgages, so I suppressed myself. I was suffering terribly. Whenever I got to work, I felt like vomiting.

I woke up one day and suddenly I knew what I had to do. I made an inner decision – I will not suffer in vain. I will get something out of my suffering. Something just for me, because I deserve it.

I decided that I would use this toxic work environment to practice not being affected by it. I didn’t know how to achieve this goal, but I instinctively started to go inside myself. I watched as my inner storm was formed by my coworkers’ toxic behaviors.

The more I practiced not to be affected, the more I understand myself. In addition, I suddenly learned about their toxic methods. I saw what I could do to reduce their harm to me. I also learned to say no and enforce my boundaries with them.

I still work in the same toxic environment. Most of them stopped using toxic methods against me, but they continued to do so with each other.

The key is to make an inner decision and think about how you can use negative and toxic situations to help you improve. The answer must come from within. Be committed. Keep learning from your loss in order to gain. You will be unstoppable when you can use negativity and toxicity to improve yourself.

A Way to Experience Stillness Through Chakra Activation

As you continue to absorb life energy, your chakras will begin to activate. If you want to experience stillness, stay with Mother Nature for a few weeks.

Mother Nature will gradually drizzle her energy into your chakras. Your mental process will slowly be pushed to the background. You will feel that your mental process is not that important.

The longer you stay with Mother Nature, the more this will happen. There comes a point when your mind is so quiet that you almost become a part of Mother Nature.

You will feel like you don’t want to leave Mother Nature and return to civilization. If you continue to stay, your “I” will be dissolved and stillness will happen. You will merge with Mother Nature.

This whole process happens naturally. The more receptive you are, the sooner it will happen. If you don’t stop yourself before stillness happens, you may not want to return to civilization.

Absorb Life Energy

Absorb life energy through yoga, Tai Chi, crystal, just be, mantra, letting go, meditation, being present, prayer, proper diet, exercise and rest, reduce immersion in negative emotions, etc.

Consistency is key. Do it daily and when you can. As you continue to absorb life energy, this will start activating your chakras. You will also age slower. The renewal of life energy will begin to repair you from the cellular level.

Your heart chakras will rise slightly. As more spontaneous awareness occurs, you will begin to “see” things and feel energy vibrations. Some things written in spiritual books will become your inner reality.

Stay very low-key and quietly continue to absorb life energy. You will be closer to the universe than before. The universe will send some people to help you and you will realize who they are.

As you become more aware, your power will increase. This will alert the dark and light side. They may send some people to try to recruit you. Your spontaneous awareness will tell you who they are. The universe will also send you signs about them.

You will need to pass some tests. Keep your ego in check, stay away from shortcuts, let your heart be the driver, enforce your boundaries, be compassionate and understanding, help yourself and others, your inner light will be brighter, and your life will never be the same again.

An Unconventional Way to Handle The Inner Storm

When you experience an inner storm, lie comfortably on your bed or sofa. No matter what happens, you will not get up until the inner storm subsides.

You willingly let the inner storm do whatever it wants to you. You may feel intense anger, guilt, hatred, regret, shame, jealousy, self-blame, desire to hurt yourself or others, and so on. It is okay. Let it happen. You will not do anything because you are lying down safely.

When you think you can no longer handle it, you may see a white light inside happening like lightning, but it is normal to not see this white light because it does not happen every time. After that, the inner storm will disappear and the inside will be completely silent.

The inner silence means that the inner storm is over. You can get up slowly and drink some water to keep your body hydrated. You can also consider the best next step in dealing with external reality.

Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the quicker you will get to the inner silence. I hope this method can help you.

An Inner Method

Many years ago, the Enlightened One taught me an inner method. He told me to watch my anger rise and dissipate. I thought it was nonsense, but I respected and trusted him, so I started practicing this method.

I had a lot of practice opportunities because most of the time I was angry. I kept practicing this method of watching the rise and dissipation of anger. I didn’t realize that this method could also help me raise awareness.

I practiced this method for about 5 years. One day, I suddenly realized that my anger had disappeared. I didn’t know what to do and then somehow I knew to use the same method for other negative emotions.

I continued to practice, and watching my negative emotions rise and dissipate was almost second nature. My inner world began to become gentle, and my life experience began to become pleasant.

I hope this inner method will benefit you.

Some Things About Your Inner And Outer Circles

You see many people, but not many people really see you, they see their image of you.

You know many people, but not many people really know you, they know their image of you.

These people are usually your outer circle. The people who really see and know you are usually your inner circle.

For your inner circle, explain yourself to them, because they are also your support system. Support your support system. Tell them your plans and let them know about your situations.

For your outer circle, don’t explain yourself to them or tell them your plans and situations, because not everyone deserves your transparency. If necessary, explain your actions to them, and tell them what you did, so you will always be truthful.

Your inner and outer circles will need different boundaries because your responsibilities for the inner and outer circles are different. So know who you interact with and where they stand with you to apply the right boundaries.

When someone moves from your outer circle to your inner circle and vice versa, your interactions and boundaries with them change. In this case, see and treat them from their current position, not their previous position.

Due to your limited resources, reserve most of your precious attention, time and energy for yourself and your inner circle. If you choose to do so, use the remaining resources for the outer circle.

For your toxic loved ones and friends, even if they really see and know you, exclude them from your inner circle. Otherwise, you are going to be in a world of hurt.

You can have different types of inner and outer circles. For example, your spiritual inner and outer circle, financial inner and outer circle, etc. These types can overlap with each other. Be conscious of your external reality, gain internal clarity, and handle it appropriately.

My Body Was Trying to Tell Me Something

Whenever I talked to this customer, my stomach hurt. I observed this customer. I realized that he was sneaky and untrustworthy. But why did my stomach hurt? My mind told me many answers. I ignored them all because the answer must come from my body.

I lay in bed to feel my body for about 20 minutes every day. I didn’t hear anything for the first two days. On the third day, I suddenly knew why.

My stomach hurt because he reminded me of my old self. Many years ago, I was sneaky and untrustworthy. I looked down on my old self. I never fully accepted my old self.

I relived the past in my head, replayed many scenes, felt the negative emotions fully, forgave myself and let go. It’s okay because I didn’t know better, but now I know.

After I forgave myself and let go, my stomach no longer hurts when I talk to him. Learn to listen to your body because it knows many things your mind doesn’t.

Some Things About Being Yourself

You are already yourself. You don’t try to be yourself. You stop trying to be someone else. You stop trying to be the mental image of yourself.

Being yourself is feeling yourself. Consciously recognize all your feelings, feel them fully, and let go.

Being yourself is being present. When you are present, you are not self-conscious and the idea of “you” naturally disappears.

Be honest with your situation. Consciously recognize and acknowledge your situation. You don’t need to notify everyone because your self-honesty is only between you and yourself.

Enforce your boundaries to prevent others’ thoughts, feelings, and energy from becoming you. This separation reminds you to manage your own thoughts, feelings, and energy, rather than taking theirs as your responsibility.

Take full responsibility for your decision. If you blame others for your decision, you give away your power and responsibility to them. It’s okay to make “wrong” decisions and learn from them.

Cherish your uniqueness. Know you are a unique and beautiful expression of the universe. Your inner seed unfolds and grows in its own unique way. The real power comes from being real with your unique and beautiful expression and growth.

For those in your heart, love them through your self-love. You cannot love others more than you love yourself. You can only think that you love them more than you love yourself, and the part that exceeds your self-love is actually your attachment instead of love.

Your Thoughts Affect You Because You Believe That You Are Your Thoughts

“You are not afraid of the dark, you are afraid of what’s in it.” No. You are not afraid of what’s in it. You are afraid of your thoughts telling you what’s in it. You are afraid of your thoughts.

You are bothered by what others think of you. No. You are not bothered by what others think of you. You are bothered by what you think of what others think of you. You are bothered by your thoughts.

Your thoughts affect you because you believe that you are your thoughts. If you can observe your thoughts, you are not your thoughts. If the voice in your head is you, who is it talking to?

If you don’t change the relationship between you and your thoughts, you will continue to be enslaved by your thoughts.

Since energy goes where attention flows, pay less attention to your thoughts and pay more attention to the task at hand or your body’s breathing and sensations.

In Case You Didn’t Know, It Is Impossible to Disappoint Anyone, Including Yourself

It is impossible to disappoint others because you don’t disappoint them, their expectations of you disappoint them. You are not responsible for their expectations of you.

It is impossible to disappoint yourself because you can only disappoint your expectations of yourself and you are not your expectations. You are responsible for your expectations of yourself.

However, you can fail to fulfill your responsibilities. In this case, you will violate your boundaries, and you cannot expect someone to save you from the consequences of your actions, because this is what you need to experience in order to grow.

A Way That Might Help You Forgive Yourself

When you are hard on the inside, it is difficult to forgive yourself. Therefore, the key to forgiving yourself may be to change your inner atmosphere.

Start loving yourself by taking very good care of your body. Rest well. Eat well. Dress well. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Keep your body clean. Keep your body fit with proper exercise.

The more you do this, the more you will have a sense of well-being, gentleness, and lightheartedness. Continue nurturing them as this is changing your inner atmosphere.

When your inner atmosphere is mostly gentle and lighthearted, try to forgive yourself. It’s usually in these inner atmospheres that you naturally forgive yourself and let go.

Some Things About Your Internal World

You experience life from the inside, not the outside.

Your inside is your internal world. Your outside is your external world.

You have complete control over your internal world. You have some control over your external world.

Your internal world is your responsibility, not others’ responsibility.

Others’ internal world is their responsibility, not yours.

The more you understand your internal world, the more you understand others’ internal world.

You manage your own internal world, not others’.

The more you can manage your internal world, the more you can manage your external world.

The way to manage your internal world is to understand it. Know what bothers you and why. Look inside, not outside.

You experience life through the inner experience of your internal world.

The more you improve your internal world, the more you improve your quality of life.

The atmosphere of your internal world becomes your vibe.

Love, hate, happiness, sadness, etc. are the inner experiences you experience firsthand and then send them to your external world.

You can experience love because love is already in you. You can appreciate beauty because beauty is already in you. You can see divinity because divinity is already in you. Abundance is already in you. No one can take your abundance away. No one can take your love away.

Take your internal world personally. Don’t take others’ internal world personally.

When you are angry, this is your anger. This is your inner experience. This is your responsibility. This anger is different from what happened outside. Your anger is your internal reaction to external events.

Your desire for the outside comes from your inside. Consciously know your desires. For example, love, validation, support, projection, comfort, attention, etc. From this perspective, you realize that no one seduces you, but your desires.

Consciously know what you blur inside.
Consciously know what you cling to inside.
Consciously know what you fight inside.
Consciously know what you reject inside.
Consciously know what you resist inside.
Consciously know what you redirect inside.
Consciously know what you run away from inside.
Consciously know what you project inside.

These become your inner tendencies and cycles, controlling you like a puppet master.

Some Things About Your Feelings

Your feelings are valid. You have the right to feel your feelings, no matter what they are.

You are not your feelings. If you can observe your feelings, you are not your feelings, because whatever you can observe is not you.

Your feelings come and go. Your feelings don’t last forever. No matter how you feel, just know this too shall pass.

Your feelings are not good or bad. Your feelings are not right or wrong. They simply just are. Try not to associate them as good or bad or right or wrong.

Don’t welcome some feelings and unwelcome other feelings. This unconscious reaction to welcome and unwelcome feelings increases your attachment to them.

Your feelings are your responsibility. Your feelings are a matter of your inner world. Own your feelings because you are the ruler of your inner world, not others.

Your feelings for others are between you and yourself, not between you and them. You are the only person who feels these feelings from your inner world.

Consciously recognize your feelings as you feel them. This conscious recognition helps to free you from immersion, so you can let go.

Learn to visualize yourself as if your negative feelings have passed. This visualization helps remind you that you are not going to feel this way forever.

Feel your feelings fully and let go. See your feelings as an inner sensation (inner wind). The wind touches you, but it never stays for long.

Use your feelings as the focus of your internal examination. Go inside to observe, examine and understand why you feel some type of way.

Use your feelings as the focus of your external examination. When you feel that someone or something is not right, examine the external reality more closely.

Your feelings and facts are two different things. It’s a fact that you have some feelings, but these feelings may or may not be based on facts.

Don’t change how you feel. Feel how you change. Your feelings are there for a reason. You are supposed to feel these feelings. Suppressed and unfelt feelings often accumulate, disrupt the stability of the emotional body, cause blockages in the energy body, and hurt the physical body.

The more you own your feelings, the less you are owned by your feelings. Many manipulators work by making you feel a certain way and take advantage of you while you are immersed in your feelings. If you are good at feeling your feelings and letting go, they have a hard time manipulating you.

About Inner Practitioner

Inner Practitioner is a conceptual virtual placeholder. It does not really exist. The person running this account exists. He is 53 years old. He was born in Taiwan. He immigrated to Los Angeles when he was 13 years old.

He was weak and insecure. He was a narcissist, a manipulator, a controller, a pretender, and a people-pleaser. He attracted many low vibe people who hurt him and he learned to hurt them.

When he was 33 years old, most of his body was broken. He met an Enlightened Being who healed his body. The Enlightened Being used supernatural powers to lure him to learn Buddhism. He endured 26 consecutive hours of inner pressure from this Enlightened Being that eventually cracked his narcissistic inner core and awakened his heart.

When he was reborn, he cried because he saw all the harm he caused to others and himself. He called everyone that he hurt and apologized. Although he has experienced many awakenings, he has hidden quietly among people and did his inner work.

In October 2017, he suddenly heard an inner voice telling him to post tweets on Twitter. He ignored it four times but gave in after the fifth time and got on Twitter.

In November 2017, his mind suddenly became mostly neutral. As a result, He has experienced many inner changes and awakenings. Some things described in spiritual books became his inner reality.

In February 2018, Mother Earth sent out many energy waves around the world. This has brought him more changes. By 2019, many things became clear. For example, he now knows that sharing his truth on Twitter is part of his soul contract.