It’s Okay

1) It’s okay to be real and lose fake people.

2) It’s okay to find yourself and lose others.

3) It’s okay to love someone and let them go.

4) It’s okay to find God and lose your religion.

5) It’s okay to let go of those who let go of you.

6) It’s okay to accept yourself and reject others.

7) It’s okay to try and fail instead of failing to try.

8) It’s okay to say no without explaining yourself.

9) It’s okay to feel your feelings, cry, and release.

10) It’s okay to be private, vibe high, and stay low-key.

11) It’s okay to disappear until you feel like you again.

12) It’s okay to be loyal to yourself and betray others.

13) It’s okay to admit you fucked up without blaming others.

14) It’s okay to love someone and hate their toxic behavior.

15) It’s okay to disconnect from others to reconnect with yourself.

16) It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand without explaining yourself.

17) It’s okay to vibe alone until someone understands your energy and silence.

18) It’s okay to move on with no hard feelings or resentment and let karma take care of it.

19) It’s okay to forgive someone, accept their apology, and not let them back into your life.

20) It’s okay to mind your own business, keep a low profile and be quiet, even if you have a lot to say.

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