How to Use Your Body as a Second Mind

Your body is the first to know. Your mind is the last to accept. Strengthen the connection with your body and use your body as a second mind. This will protect you and serve you well in life.

Body scan is a great way to strengthen the connection with your body.
The more you do this, the more connected you are with your body. If possible, do this every day. The more connected you are with your body, the more conscious you are, the better your life. In addition, as your body awareness increases, your self-awareness will also increase.

Here are the steps:
• Lie down. Breathe deeply into your lungs 8 to 10 times. Relax your body. Gently place your awareness on your right foot and toes. Feel them for a few seconds.

• Next, repeat the same process for these body parts: right knee, lower knee and right thigh.

• Left foot and toes, left knee, leg below the knee and left thigh.

• Hips, pelvis, buttocks, front abdomen, chest, lower back, spine and upper back.

• Right hand, right wrist and forearm, right elbow, upper arm and shoulder.

• Left hand, left wrist and forearm, left elbow, upper arm and shoulder.

• Neck, throat, jaw, face and head.

Pay attention to how your body feels. Your body will tell you things:

For example:
• My body told me that I need to be careful of my lower back. So I listened and used a back guard for a few days.

• My body told me to be gentle when showering. So when I wash my body, I slow down and be gentle.

• I noticed that when I interact with someone, my body becomes very tense. So I use this as a reminder to examine and decide.

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