A Chakra Experience

Last year I suddenly knew I needed to Google chakras. I didn’t know why, but I trusted my sudden inner knowing. So I did and found How to Open Your Spiritual Chakras​.

I immediately practiced on my root chakra for about 7 minutes. I suddenly felt my root chakra vibrating. However, I only felt the left side of my root chakra, not the right side. In the next two days, I did root chakra practice for about 7 minutes. I felt the right side of my root chakra.

I began to feel my root chakra vibrating all the time. The soles of my feet began to beat like a heartbeat. I began to feel energy moving back and forth from the soles of my feet to my root chakra.

I love this feeling. What a wonderful experience. I practiced on my sacral chakra for a few days. I suddenly felt my sacral chakra vibrating. I practiced on my solar plexus chakra. It took me many times to feel it vibrating.

I realized that the higher I go (in terms of chakras), the longer it took for me to feel it vibrating. My two palms began to beat like a heartbeat. I started to feel this energy “line” in my body, and I suddenly knew that this is what some people call Kundalini.

Nowadays I feel my chakras vibrating and energy moving in my body. The soles of my feet and two palms beat like a heartbeat. My entire body is pretty vibrant.

However, the energy “line” from my heart chakra to my crown chakra is not very strong, but I can feel it. So I focus on strengthening this connection.

This is such a beautiful and energetic experience. I hope you can experience this in your own body.

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