The Easiest Psychic Shield

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I didn’t come up with this technique. This is from the book “Practical Psychic Self-Defense For Home And Office” by Master Choa Kok Sui. You can find this book on Amazon.

Cross your arms and legs.

When your arms and legs are crossed, your aura will condense and become smaller.

The negative thoughts and projections of others are difficult to penetrate into a condensed and smaller aura.

When learning in the classroom, don’t cross your arms and legs, because learning is also an energy exchange. If your arms and legs are crossed, you become less receptive to the teaching.

Since crossing your arms is often seen as being defiant, when facing your boss, you can cross your legs and cover your abdomen with your hands. You will be protected more than just the lower half of your body.


  1. tindertender says:

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    Excellent advice on protecting ones self.


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