Working On One Of My Limiting Beliefs

I always thought I was not good enough. After years of inner work, I suddenly realized that this was a limiting belief from my childhood.

I grew up in a family environment that rarely pointed out what I did right, only pointed out what I did wrong. After years of pointing out what I did wrong, I started to believe that I was not good enough.

This understanding was very good, but not enough to reprogram my unconscious mind. I instinctively knew that I had to communicate with my unconscious mind. The unconscious mind usually communicates through thoughts, feelings, impressions, and images.

So I took some deep breaths to relax my body, because when the body relaxes, the mind usually follows. Once I was relaxed all over, I asked myself a question: “Why do I always think I am not good enough?”

Then I placed my awareness on thoughts, feelings, impressions, and images that appeared. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared. I repeated it five times, but still found nothing. So I ended the session and carried on.

I repeated this process for five days without any response. On the sixth day, images appeared from the inside. I saw myself as a child. I was so excited that I got 98 out of 100 on the math test. I happily took the test back home to show my mother.

When I showed her, I said, “Hey, mom! Look, I got 98 out of 100!” I wanted her to be proud of me. She looked at me coldly and said, “Get 100 next time.”

I saw that I became very disappointed as a child. It hurt. I also saw the child thinking he was not good enough. That was the root of this limiting belief. So I told him: “You are loved. You are appreciated. You are good enough.” I took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief.

This was not the end of this limiting belief. When I feel hurt by those who are in my heart, sometimes it still appears. But now I know the source of it consciously. When it appears, I consciously tell myself: “You are loved. You are appreciated. You are good enough.” and let go.

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