A Way to Experience Stillness Through Chakra Activation

As you continue to absorb life energy, your chakras will begin to activate. If you want to experience stillness, stay with Mother Nature for a few weeks.

Mother Nature will gradually drizzle her energy into your chakras. Your mental process will slowly be pushed to the background. You will feel that your mental process is not that important.

The longer you stay with Mother Nature, the more this will happen. There comes a point when your mind is so quiet that you almost become a part of Mother Nature.

You will feel like you don’t want to leave Mother Nature and return to civilization. If you continue to stay, your “I” will be dissolved and stillness will happen. You will merge with Mother Nature.

This whole process happens naturally. The more receptive you are, the sooner it will happen. If you don’t stop yourself before stillness happens, you may not want to return to civilization.

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