An Inner Method

Many years ago, the Enlightened One taught me an inner method. He told me to watch my anger rise and dissipate. I thought it was nonsense, but I respected and trusted him, so I started practicing this method.

I had a lot of practice opportunities because most of the time I was angry. I kept practicing this method of watching the rise and dissipation of anger. I didn’t realize that this method could also help me raise awareness.

I practiced this method for about 5 years. One day, I suddenly realized that my anger had disappeared. I didn’t know what to do and then somehow I knew to use the same method for other negative emotions.

I continued to practice, and watching my negative emotions rise and dissipate was almost second nature. My inner world began to become gentle, and my life experience began to become pleasant.

I hope this inner method will benefit you.


  1. Shy says:

    You’re wonderful. I always improve from your advice. Thank you so much.


    1. You are welcome, Shy! Thank you for letting me know that I am making a difference in the world.🙏


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