My Body Was Trying to Tell Me Something

Whenever I talked to this customer, my stomach hurt. I observed this customer. I realized that he was sneaky and untrustworthy. But why did my stomach hurt? My mind told me many answers. I ignored them all because the answer must come from my body.

I lay in bed to feel my body for about 20 minutes every day. I didn’t hear anything for the first two days. On the third day, I suddenly knew why.

My stomach hurt because he reminded me of my old self. Many years ago, I was sneaky and untrustworthy. I looked down on my old self. I never fully accepted my old self.

I relived the past in my head, replayed many scenes, felt the negative emotions fully, forgave myself and let go. It’s okay because I didn’t know better, but now I know.

After I forgave myself and let go, my stomach no longer hurts when I talk to him. Learn to listen to your body because it knows many things your mind doesn’t.

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